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Our MD, Karen Galasso explains why we are the best recruiters at finding you a job whether you are a creative, marketing or communications specialist, eCommerce, UX/UI developer, project manager, data analyst or engineer, BI or big data specialist, solutions architect, security manager or client manager.


Information for all Temp/Freelance & Contracting Job Seekers

Looking for work?

You can join Our Team in three easy steps:
J – Just put together an up-to-date resume/CV
O – Add a cover letter, online portfolio, URL or website
T – Take the time to register with us online (connect@tenthhouse.com.au)

We take particular pride in taking job briefs to ensure that you will always know exactly what you are walking into when you go to a new assignment, and what is expected of you. There is nothing that beats a good brief!

To successfully register you will need at least two years commercial experience with skills in one of the job roles listed above – and we will come back to you within 24 hours. Otherwise you can call us on (02) 8222 6200.

Tenth House does not box you in.  If you are registered with us for extra work while looking for a permanent job  you will meet two consultants and be told of all suitable opportunities that come through for you.

Keep in touch

Keep in touch.  If you want work, it is imperative that you keep in touch. We need to know where you are, what you are doing and when you are free. And we need to know NOW. When we have a job to fill, we need to get hold of you fast and lock you into that all important job.

So now more than ever it is important to be hooked up to our LinkedIn Company page, Twitter and Facebook pages as we use these areas to notify new jobs, news, events and vital industry information. And let’s not forget the old-fashioned way – call us – we love hearing from you and it is all recorded so all our consultants will know.

  • If you have a job – let us know how long you are busy for and we can forward book you on other roles.
  • If your personal details change – address, email or new mobile and social media contacts
  • Change in skills sets – new experience or software knowledge
  • Time out – needed for appointments, holidays etc
  • Change in banking details

Whilst we would love to call you each week to keep updated, we are sure you will agree our time is better spent on the phone with clients trying to find you more work. When we have work for you, we will immediately get in touch, and assure you that we are constantly working with our clients to secure work for you.

We look forward to a successful and rewarding working relationship with you.

Payment Process

When paid through our payroll, we are responsible for paying your salary, superannuation, workers compensation insurance, and deducting your PAYG and remitting it to the Australian Taxation Office. Our client is responsible for your daily instructions regarding duties and systems operations, and to provide a safe working environment.

Superannuation is paid quarterly either into a fund of your choice, or to our default fund, Australian Super www.australiansuper.com

If you wish to operate under a business structure and have an Australian Business Number (ACN/ABN), we require a weekly Tax Invoice to Eleventh House Pty Ltd (T/A Tenth House) for work performed, and you will be responsible for your own salary, superannuation, workers compensation, business insurance and PAYG deduction.

To be able to work with us under a business structure we require copies of the following paperwork:

  • Business Registration showing ACN / ABN number
  • Confirmation that you are making your own superannuation contributions
  • Current Business Insurance

Tenth House pays salaries weekly.

To ensure your salary is paid on time, it is your responsibility to ensure that your timesheet is signed by both you and the client, and faxed or emailed to Tenth House no later than close of business on Friday.

If we do not receive your timesheet by close of business on Friday, you will not be paid that week but the following week (one week delay).

We cannot stress enough the importance of sending signed timesheets on time.

If you are working with us under a Business Name, you are considered a supplier and should confirm payment terms before commencement.

Completing your Tax File Number Declaration Form

As a new candidate at Tenth House, you are required under current Australian tax legislation to complete the attached Tax File Number Declaration Form, and return it to Tenth House within 7 days of receipt. New candidates include those who have never registered with Tenth House or who are previously registered but have not worked with Tenth House for more than 12 months.

Please answer ALL questions on the Form and sign and date it before returning it to Tenth House.  In relation to question 7 (basis of payment) on the Form, please tick the box marked “labour hire” or “casual employment”.

Question 8 refers to your eligibility to work in Australia; it is not your immigration status or nationality.  Anyone who is allowed to work in Australia is an Australian resident for tax purposes – this includes anyone on a valid working visa that allows them to work in Australia. Essentially all of our candidates should tick “YES” for Question 8, as we do not employ people from overseas on a visa that does not allow them to work in Australia.

The above information is provided as a guide only, for which Tenth House can take no responsibility; as to your own personal circumstances if you are in doubt contact the Australian Taxation Office.

Overseas Traveller

Working Holiday Visas and Sponsorship

Working holiday visas are designed for you to come over to Australia, tour around and see the country, which is why you have a limitation of 6 months working with any one individual employer – to encourage you to move on and have new experiences. In reality, you will likely work for multiple employers during your stay.

Working Visa – Sub class 417 and Sub class 462

Travellers from  the UK, Sweden, Taiwan, Italy, Japan, Republic of Korea, Malta, The Netherlands, Belgium, Canada, Republic of Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Republic of Ireland and Norway, can apply for a sub class 417 Australian working holiday visa.

Travellers from the US, Thailand, Turkey, Chile, Indonesia or can apply for a sub class 462 Australian working holiday visa.

You must apply for a visa before you come to Australia and you will need to meet financial and health criteria before a visa will be issued (see www.border.gov.au)

Either of these visas will allow you to enter Australia for a given period of time. You may work for 10 employers or one.  But if it is for one, then you cannot work more than 6 months for that employer. You may also study for up to 4 months. Once this visa is granted you must enter the country within 12 months and your date of entry will be the measuring point for the beginning of your visa stay.

Contact the Australian High Commission in your home or travel country for fee, process details and terms of entry.

Disclaimer: Visas conditions change often so for the most up to date information please visit the Department of Immigration.

Permanent Residency Visa – Skilled Independent Visa (sub Class 175)

A permanent residency visa, this enables you to become a permanent resident as soon as it is issued. The process can be lengthy and complex and the decision process and documentation will be focused on your skill set and whether you match the criteria of work shortages in Australia.  There are skills tests, language tests and “points” criteria to satisfy and this can take up to 12 months.  You can find further information at Department of Immigration website.

Employer Sponsored

Popular with working holiday visa travelers who have experienced Australia and wish to stay, you must satisfy certain criteria including skills and occupation and have an employer who is willing to sponsor you.  Sponsorship is an expense for companies, so you will probably have to work in a contract capacity for the company first for them to evaluate the benefit.

Third Party Sponsorship

If you have a job offer from an employer for a short term or contract role, but the employer cannot sponsor you, these organisations will take on your sponsorship, pay you and subcontract you to the company.  You are in effect an employee of the third party organisation with a work contract with the company (Tri-party agreement).  Currently you are eligible for LAFHA (living away from home allowance), but the rules in Australia are changing regarding this and you should check this before signing. Companies providing this service include:

Student Visas

A student visa allows you to work for up to 20 hours per week and you will of course need to attend the course the rest of the time.  Unless you are serious about studying in Australia, this is not the right option for you.

The Department of Immigration, takes visa violation seriously and both employers and recruitment agencies will require proof of status before employing you.  If you do not abide by the terms of your visa, you will also be in significant trouble, can be deported, and may be barred from reentering the country or applying for a visa in the future. So take it seriously!

You may as well kiss goodbye to your dream of living in OZ and receive a ban for a few years plus mess up any future visa applications both to Australia and potentially other countries. Invest some time and money in research and using a visa agent. For most visas if you have applied and your current visa expires you are normally able to apply for a bridging visa whilst they assess your application.

Disclaimer: Visa conditions change often so for the most up to date information please visit the Department of Immigration

TAX and Tax Refunds

Wages will usually be paid by employers into a bank account so you will need to set one of these up with one of our major banks: WestpacSt GeorgeANZ or NAB.

The Australia Taxation Office (ATO) will provide you with a unique file number (TFN) which you will give to your employer together with your tax declaration form when you start work.  Your employer will then handle your PAYG tax on your behalf.

Without a TFN you may still start working, but will need to provide this to your employer within 28 days to avoid having your tax increased to 50%.  It is your responsibility to provide this information and chase up with the ATO if necessary, so make it one of the first things you do on arrival.

Apply for your TFN online.

If you have been in Australia for 6 months or intend to be here for 6 months, have worked and paid tax you may be eligible for a tax refund. Contact your accountant or the ATO.


Employers are required to contribute an additional 9.5% of your wages to a super fund either of your choice or their default fund. You can also claim this back after 6 months of working in Australia, before you leave for home.

Refunds may be claimed from overseas and the ATO pays refunds into your Australian bank account free of charge, or an overseas bank with fees.

Healthcare for Travelers

Medicare is the government system of healthcare in Australia. Currently there are agreements with New Zealand, UK, Netherlands, Sweden, Finland, Italy, Malta and Ireland to belong to our system.  This will include subsidies for medical help, visiting doctors and prescriptions.

To get your Medicare card, go to a Medicare office. To locate your nearest Medicare office, visit the Medicare website or download the application form. You can only apply once you are in Australia.

If you do not have access to Medicare because you are not eligible you should investigate travel insurance options.

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